Looking Back: 1996 EMS Agenda For The Future

When industry pioneers and experts collaborated on the development of the Emergency Medical Services Agenda for the Future two decades ago, they set forth a vision for the future of EMS system improvements. The 1996 Agenda visualized data-driven, evidence-based EMS systems integrated with community partners.

The 1996 Vision

Emergency medical services (EMS) of the future will be community-based health management that is fully integrated with the overall healthcare system. It will have the ability to identify and modify illness and injury risks, provide acute illness and injury care and follow-up, and contribute to treatment of chronic conditions and community health monitoring. This new entity will be developed from redistribution of existing health care resources and will be integrated with other health care providers and public health and public safety agencies. It will improve community health and result in more appropriate use of acute health care resources. EMS will remain the public’s emergency medical safety net.

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